A positive report on recent activities

I’m doing a startup. I’m trying to change the world.

And an understanding of these arcane arts will help me realize that ambition.

Euler angles

It’s not rocket science. 3D multiplayer game development isn’t rocket science. It’s a subset of rocket science.

I needn’t concern myself with the ability to implement a hydrazine fuel powered thrust subsystem for a spacecraft and its interaction with other elements of the super system that it’s part of. But I do need to be aware of such things as how to minimize the time to Initial Product Release for my startup product I’m making under great constraints.

I’m pretty hardcore. I’m a pretty hardcore entrepreneur.

What I’ve been up to

3D space movement

I began learning how to do orientations and rotations in three dimensions (even though I remarked about such a thing). I want to make a game where the player call roll, pitch, and yaw. That’s one of my tasks right now, learning how to achieve that effect.

I know more about doing 3D transformations now. Model views, translations, and pre and post multiplications.

I created software technology (i.e., I wrote source code) for creating rotation matrices from Euler angles. I’m learning quaternions now. I think primarily using quaternions for orientations and rotations will be better for this new small and simple 3D multiplayer game engine/system I’m making. And I totally did not expect to make such a thing.

Forget not integrity

All this stuff I’m doing is experience for me. Experience that will define a future agent of great worth and constitution.

Forget not courage

The ambition to endure this trying entrepreneurial process is a required positive utility factor for success.

And forget not commitment

All this experience I’m gaining, all these deeds I’m doing, is for the sake of the future.

Because I’m committed to engineering the future.

February 12, 2019