A multiplayer browser game is being realized

A quick update on the progress I recently made with the 3D multiplayer browser game.

A new 3D asset in my possession

I made a new 3D character.

3D kawaii art asset

But this system asset is not simple and its use goes against this startup system’s requirements because it’s composed of complex and costly components.

Texture painting

An attempt at a core game mechanic

A demonstration

This proposed game combat system demonstrated above also exceeds an acceptable range because of its complexity and predicted future costs and will be removed with its use diverged from.

I learned the basics of shaders

I finally gained the capability to make shaders and now I can achieve new effects. Shown below is a shader that can be used for creating a selection circle around the bottom of a target 3D mesh.

Shader showcase

I’m a more hip web developer now

I minified the front end browser code that gets sent to the user from the server, my first time ever doing such a thing. It will make the game load faster in the users’ browsers. And I made it where the server will only minify the front end code in production mode because otherwise it would be difficult to debug while I’m developing the game.

A capable server

200 players

Over one hundred clients can connect to the server and the server can handle it, it seems. Like the conditional and programmatic minificiation system revealed above, this may have been a detrimental premature optimization. But on the bright side, I now have this capability that can function as an investment for the future.

What now?

If you don’t hear from a startup, it’s dead, so I wrote and shared this update. And that’s what this whole thing is, a startup. I want an Initial Product Release to happen as soon as possible, and for that to happen I must develop a small and simple product. The technology that I have now is not small and simple as it is a system with a complexity that is not within acceptable ranges.

So I’m pivoting and coming up with another idea for a simple 3D multiplayer browser game.

And courage is with me for the courage to succeed is essential.

February 2, 2019