A methodical rise to the top

As I bear the effects of the previous quarter, I now commence a new phase.

I’ve decided to discontinue the strategy of posting codex entries every Friday. This will be beneficial for both me and my audience as it will help me to focus on making digital products that people want, such as a great video game or very useful technology. This decision will enable me to increase my marketing operations tempo as I’m now beginning to assertively conduct new marketing operations.

For instance, I shared the A consideration on URL encoding when posting a tweet on the Twitter platform essay on the Dev.to website to attract new audience members. And that was a very successful marketing operation where the post earned five hearts and one unicorn and one person put the article on their reading list.

You can still be notified of new haphazardly published (frequency-wise) codex entries via my Twitter should I feel the need to share a particular new entry. Or you can use the codex’s RSS feed.

I can still return to the more systematic weekly publishing schedule in the future, when it’s more suitable to do so. But right now, this new campaign mission calls for the use of a new doctrine.

I use such words as campaign and doctrine, but I am not a member of the military anymore. Yet I find myself in this new operational environment that is the startup game and life, a very hard game to play and a very hard life to live. I am alone and I do not have a commander to lead me.

Then I promote myself to the position of commander.

I now lead myself. I now direct myself. And I now inspire myself.

I bear the utility of a great ardor and an unwavering devotion to achieving success. Like the astronauts of yore, I enter a new space with fine constitution and endurance.

The possession of these utilities was borne from experiencing great and unspeakable ordeals. And now they are being used for the fulfillment of my new and virtuous ambition that is being nurtured: a lifestyle of prosperity as a hardcore technology entrepreneur.

What lies ahead

  1. I’m postponing the development of the matrix multiplication project which may or may not be discussed in a new codex entry.

  2. I’m also writing a how to make a server notification Twitter bot tutorial to fulfill a request and I may publish it before the end of the month.

  3. And, most importantly, I will begin extensive development and marketing of the Pantsu versus Baka project this quarter.

Possessing eternal courage and strength will be one of the highest utility factors for the success of this new campaign.

October 2, 2018