A great resiliency and a short codex entry

Internet bills won’t kill my startup.

Should such an anomaly of no longer having internet access occur, I’ll still write weekly codex entries. They just won’t be uploaded to the codex until internet access capabilities are restored. I also will still be making digital technology, however small the results, to maintain my proficiency and to produce a benefit. I’ll still be able to make the Pantsu versus Baka project game, because I’m skilled and well familiar with my game development framework tool, Phaser, and I’ve downloaded the documentation for offline use.

Saving dyno hours

I disabled the Baka Youtube to MP3 Converter and Reminduu services. They’re using up free dyno hours and they don’t produce any value for me. Like income. So I turned them off.

A long and complex campaign

My forty-year aspirations of a much better lifestyle are still in effect. Anomalies and pivots may occur, but with strength, heart, faith, and an ethos of excellence may I converge to the global optimum of prosperity.

I have negative total income like Elon Musk’s Tesla company and while I’m not a billionaire like him, I still have a billion strength points. These stats that I have will help me as I have a high difficulty score. This new lifestyle requires me to solve multiple hard problems simultaneously, so I must not forget to cultivate that ability.

Pantsu versus Baka

I’ve decided to no longer use Google Analytics. No more collecting data in such a manner for my startups and this codex. This is proof of my resolve to focus on outbound marketing.

Strange Jump-N-Run Game. That should be the name of the game. It sounds more accessible and friendly than Strange Platformer Game.

I’m assigning this project a five month deadline. So, by December 7th, I want the ultimate result, which is income. This project’s constraints are, in order of increasing flexibility: cost, time, and performance. The players want quality performance and I’m learning how to provide that–and I will provide it. In time.

August 10, 2018