A Day of Courage

Let this day be a day of courage. And may all the other ones be so as well.

We must have the courage to do the right thing. The courage to do all that is necessary to achieve our goals. This is so that we may engineer a future of prosperity as that is one of our ambitions. We must also be forever committed to doing the right thing lest we are not committed.

We value commitment and all the other things for we believe them to be good. We are always faithful in our beliefs and may we never let them go. We will always, then, believe ourselves to have fine constitution.

You canโ€™t always get what you want if you do not have the means and the desire to get what you want.

Then let us have the ambition and the strength to get what we want. If we must plead with our hearts within so that strength may be granted then may we do so.

For not only is courage valuable, so too is strength. The strength to have the creativity needed to devise innovative technologies and processes and the creativity needed to envision noble futures. The strength to discover and understand advanced sciences which may be useful in achieving our goals. The strength to face any pain that we may be plagued by.

Heart within, let strength be granted, so that the world might be mended.

So that the world might be mended.

November 10, 2018