A brief progress report on the Gemini Project

The 3D singleplayer game has new features and subsystems added to it and it is slowly being constructed with great effort.

Basic visual effects

I added a fog effect along with bloom lighting.

Fog and bloom demonstration

This will help with the atmosphere of the game and it will help realize the vision I have for the future. I must remember to be committed to my vision. A vision of a persistent multiplayer online game.

This Gemini Project will help achieve that with this technology that is being developed and with this experience that is being gained.

New animation

I made a new animation for the player character. It’s an acceptable and basic walking animation.

3D walking animation in Blender

Thank goodness for the automatic key frames insertion subutility in the Blender 3D modeling utility. Creating animations in 3D is so much better than creating animations in 2D or pixel art.

After some difficulty (I had to learn how to have multiple animations for a single 3D model in Blender and I had to learn how to add multiple animations to a single mesh in Babylon.js), I exported the new animation to the Babylon.js game development framework utility.

Blended walking animation demonstration

There’s a desirable transition from the idle animation to the walking animation and vice versa as I gained the experience of creating blended animations in Babylon.js.

December 23, 2018